• We can design a logo for your business and create animation for electronic use. Say something….. make a statement….. have your logo be memorable!

• We will work with all media reps, newspaper salespeople, and other source representatives that would contact you regarding advertising, thus saving you hours of valuable time.

• Once a budget is established, we will develop a plan for executing advertising.

• If there is a need to “shop” any competitors, we provide a service to keep the advertiser informed on competitors advertising. We will research products or services upon request and we are experienced in conducting focus groups.

• If you can imagine it, we will work to achieve it!

Nissi Marketing completed a telephone yellow page directory survey as a service to clients. This was done for clients to be more informed when making decisions about yellow pages directories and advertising spending in this medium.

Some conclusions: Most people using the yellow pages are over 65 years of age. Categories that were most utilized were pizza stores and restaurants. When asked if size mattered, the answer was “no”.

The latest option in securing any phone number is now accomplished through the computer. There are better uses for your advertising budget!