Need a Website?

Nissi Marketing creates websites or can review your current website to perform updates or give it a “freshened, new look”. Consider the following checklist:

Nissi Marketing Website Review

An effective website should meet these criteria:

  • You have a website
  • All of the information on your website is current and accurate
  • My website has the following
  • A good website address-one that is easy to remember or is the name of the company
  • A call to action on every page
  • A home page that directs visitors exactly where to go
  • A place to collect names and contact information
  • A professional design
  • An easy to navigate menu
  • An about us page with staff pictures
  • Testimonials from happy customers
  • Photos that support message
  • A products/series page
  • A contact Page
  • My website is optimized so that search engines will find my site and rank it high on the page.
  • I have video on my site, promoting my service and product

These check offs are all very important when creating or updating a website. When Nissi Marketing designs your website, we guarantee that these points will be fulfilled according to client direction. To have an effective and user friendly website Nissi Marketing will optimize your site and suggest that you have video on your website. 85% of all consumers that are shopping for a service or retail product search the web before they ever set foot into your business.